Our pizza ovens are designed to reach the optimum cooking temperature quickly and efficiently. As well as cooking pizzas our ovens are also perfect for cooking bread, desserts, roasts, grilled food… You can choose from different sizes and designs that will best suit your garden or outdoor space. For our unique Irish climate (i.e. mostly wet!) the Stainless Steel Portable Pizza Ovens are definitely the best option. These pizza ovens do not draw in moisture and therefore require no drying out or curing time before use and are ready to fire up for tasty pizzas all year round.
The stainless steel pizza ovens can be safely left outside (covered) without having to worry about the weather conditions accordingly, or they can be moved indoors for the winter months. These pizza ovens reach pizza cooking temperatures in a matter of minutes and at the correct temperature you will cook a perfect pizza in just 90 seconds…..with a little practice of course. Buon appetito!
For a full list of our available wood pizza ovens and more technical details, do not hesitate to contact House of Heat and our experts will advise you.

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