House of Heat supplies a comprehensive range of both Contemporary and Traditional free-standing stoves. Contemporary Wood Stoves offer the best of Scandinavian design and are modern highly efficient heating appliances and elegant furniture pieces. Wood Stoves are clean and easy to use and are suitable for burning wood logs, wood briquettes, peat briquettes, turf and lignite brown coal briquettes. On the other hand Traditional Stoves offer time-honoured classic styling and are available in both Multi-Fuel and Wood-Burning formats. We supply Traditional Stoves in a unique range of ten enamelled colour finishes or in standard matt black. Traditional stoves are available in room-heating or boiler stove versions. Multi-Fuel Stoves burn the same fuels as a wood stove and can also burn stove coals and in some cases anthracite. We can manage your stove project from start to finish whether you require a modern airtight stove or a classic traditional stove. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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