NAPOLI DIY Refractory Oven Kit Wood-Fired

If you wish to build your own oven we offer a DIY Refractory Oven Kit with high performance materials that can be finished in your own style. The oven’s components are 100% Made in Italy from high performance thermal refractory materials.
We recommend using a layer or two of Ceramic Fibre Insulation on the dome, a plaster finish and waterproofing. You can also add stone, tiles, brick, mosaic etc to give the oven the finish and aesthetic that you want.

NAPOLI Oven Kit Specifications:

Size: 970 (w) x 1230mm (d) x 590mm (h) (excluding insulation and finish)
Internal Cooking Area: 800mm ø or 0.55 square metres Capacity: 2-3 Pizza

Weight of Refractory Components: 245kgs Recommended Chimney Flue – 180mm ø
Base Required: 1500x1500mm Estimated Finished Oven Weight: 400-450kgs

We offer two versions of the DIY kit as follows:


Basic NAPOLI Oven Kit at €1499 Reduced to €1125 including:
4 No. oven floor base plates
2 No. oven dome elements
1 No. oven front sill
2 No. lateral parts to front arch
1 No. brick style front arch
1 No. metal oven door with thermometer
1 No. standard chimney hood
1 No. 25kg Plastic Refractory Cement

Complete NAPOLI Oven Kit at €1749 including:
Same as Basic Napoli plus below items (3):
1 No. Roll Ceramic Fibre Insulation 610 x 7320 x 25mm
1 No. 500mm Stainless Steel Chimney Pipe
1 No. Stainless Steel Rain Cap for Chimney

Nationwide Delivery: €75

Installation Instruction Video:

Tip: You can add an extra layer of vermiculite/cement insulation mix on top of the ceramic fibre insulation. Note however that most customers use these ovens primarily for making delicious wood-fired pizzas. If you make the oven too heavy it takes a long time to heat up to pizza cooking temperature which is not ideal if you just want to enjoy wood-fired pizzas on a summer’s evening. It might be better to build a lighter oven with ceramic fibre insulation only (still weighing about 400kg!) so that the oven heats up to pizza cooking temperature relatively quickly and you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy great stone baked wood-fired pizzas !

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