The first time you witness an AFIRE ™ 3D electric water vapor fireplace or steam fireplace, you really can’t believe your eyes. It’s incredible: the flames are cold yet seem perfectly real. You can even adjust their speeds, heights and colors (depending on Model). They’re made up of very fine plumes of water vapor lit by LEDs. You can touch them and run your fingers through them. You can even adjust the color with your remote control or smartphone (AFIRE ™ PRESTIGE model only) to create colorful flames that are red, blue, green, etc.

These ecological and environmentally friendly flames are magical and don’t create any humidity or condensation! The 3D fireplace presents no danger so there’s no need to worry. An AFIRE ™ cold and dry vapor fireplace can be installed anywhere, either in a city apartment or a country house; there’s absolutely no constraints. The ultrafine dry smoke produces spectacular water vapor fire!