Located on the beautiful Italian Mediterranean island of Sardinia artisanal producer ‘Zio Ciro’ supply excellent wood and gas ovens made from high quality refractory materials.

Zio Ciro ‘Subito Cotto’ ovens:

Supplied fully assembled
Heavy duty refractory ovens but still portable
High temperature and food safe refractory materials
Excellent heat retention and thermal performance
Weather resistant dome and rain covers available
For residential to professional use
Certified 100% Made in Italy
SC gas ovens include Italian ‘Avanzini’ gas burners
4 sizes to choose from: SC Mini, SC60, SC80, SC100
Stands & Accessories available


High Quality Refractory Oven: 45kgs
Oven Floor: 350mm Diameter
Capacity: 1 pizza
Gas Consumption: 0.4 kg/h
External Footprint: 580mm wide x 570mm deep

Price: €1699

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