Gaselle Wood Gasification Boilers

From 25kW up to 42kW. The new GASELLE BASIC range: Reliable, Cheapest and Compact.

The new GASELLE BASIC range is the latest model of reverse flame gasification boiler with the best value for money!

Considering the high yield of the GASELLE BASIC range and the introduction of a specific (UNI EN 303-5) directive, it was necessary to install a puffer in the boiler.

The puffer ensures:

A higher yield (reduced consumption);
Low emissions;
Long life of the boiler;
Major autonomy and comfort;
Easy integration with other energy sources such as solar collectors;
Use with low temperature systems, with independent temperature of the wood boiler.

The GASELLE BASIC can be transformed into a practical Combined Wood / Pellet version by means of a dedicated Kit.

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