1 Pizza Wood Oven

The 1 Pizza Oven is a great size while still being fully portable. The chamber will easily take a 12″ pizza. The 35kg weight means this oven will hold heat for a little while and the chamber is big enough for baking bread and smaller trays of vegetables, potatoes etc.

The 1 Pizza Oven is ready to be used as a wood-fired oven out of the box. It is also possible to use this oven as a gas-fired oven. There is a removable metal plate at the rear of the oven which allows for the mounting of the gas burner. The mounting is suitable for a widely available gas burner specifically designed for pizza ovens.

NOTE: The 1 Pizza Wood Oven has a stainless cooking chamber. The outer steel casing is finished with a high temperature heat resistant paint but it is not water resistant. The oven should be kept indoors when not in use and it is supplied with two carry handles for easy portability. Do not leave outside and uncovered in damp conditions.

Cooking Area: 450x500mm
Outside Dimensions: 535mm Wide x 600mm Deep x 860mm High (including chimney)
Weight: 35kgs

Price: €699 (Including Nationwide Delivery)
Optional Single Pizza Peel 300mm Handle: €25
3 Piece Pizza Tool Set 570mm Handles: €150

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